My New Year’s Resolution

Hey there!

Okay. So this is my first post…kind of. You see, I used to have another blog but I put barely anything on it and forgot about it after some time. I didn’t know what to write about (if i even remembered to write something that is!) So I got rid of the idea of blogging. I thought it just wasn’t for me.

Here I am, a few month later, starting a new blog! I’ve just read Zoella’s book Girl Online and the idea came from there. I went to read some other peoples blogs to see what they wrote about and I got my ideas straight away. Before, I’d been writing about things I didn’t really like but I thought other people would be interested in. But by reading others blogs, I saw that just writing about things I love can be interesting too. But if people don’t like it, then it isn’t a big deal.

So this blog is my New Year’s Resolution. I am going to use it to express my personal thoughts, share my interests and interact with the online community. I do hope you like it and if you do, stick around a while! 🙂

Obviously this blog is anonymous so Willow isn’t my real name. Its one of my favourite names ever though (your welcome all the Willow’s out there!) Anyone else I mention won’t have their real names either obviously.

Happy New Year everyone!

– Willow xx



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