My Rant

Hey there! 

So today I need a bit of a rant. I need to get this out of me so I thought I’d do it here for all to enjoy, haha.

Okay. So. In school, in my music class, we’ve had to go into groups to do a presentation about different periods of music. 

My group is me and 4 other people. Let’s call them… Brenda, Rose and May. Brenda is my best friend… well she was but that’s a different story. Rose is a good friend and May is an acquaintance.

So we had to make a slide show presentation and speech to teach the rest of the class about a period of music of our choice. 

To start, we were all around a computer one day and we just happened to make the presentation on my account. I don’t mind that. We were about to start but then all 3 of them had to go to orchestra rehearsal (which I’m not in but that’s a rant for another day.) So I started adding some stuff to the slide show and I did quite a lot.

The next time we were on the computer together Rose and May weren’t in school so I was with Brenda. I kept asking for her to help but she kept talking to her other friend who is in a different group. So I did all the work.

We didn’t have much time to do the presentation so I decided to finish it at home because no one else in my group would do it. I texted everyone saying to research information to put on the slide show but they all said they didn’t care. So again, I did it all myself.

So basically I’ve done this entire 12 slide presentation (all covered in information may I add) on my own. No input from anyone else whatsoever! 

And. Yesterday we had our last chance on the computer together to discuss the speech and who’s saying what etc. I asked what they wanted to say and Rose said “just give me the least amount of information to say” and I was just thinking ‘so you want me to do the entire presentation and say all the long parts?’ If she was a nervous speaker or something then I wouldn’t have minded but she’s so confident. That really annoys me because I have anxiety (I’ll probably talk about that someday) and she doesn’t mind speaking in front of people.

Ugh! It’s just so annoying doing all the work and having to say the longest parts! Plus we’re getting graded and their marks are gonna be purely for work I did! Grrrrr I can’t contain my anger!

Phew. I really needed to get that out. 

Tell me if you’ve ever experienced something like this before. I need some good rants to read!

– Willow xx 


5 thoughts on “My Rant

  1. I once had to work in a group of people who started without me but then I finished it off. But at least my people had good alibis cause yours is just something else (and I’m not saying that in a good way). I’m so sorry about that but I hope it’ll get better

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  2. I totally understand! Usually I end up doing it and I convince myself that it’s because the other person(s) will not do a good job anyway and I want my work submitted to be good. Eventually, after getting friends who all pitch in and realising that I was being used, I began to only input my work. I haven’t got rid of these situations entirely but I argue and I just don’t do the other person’s. It’s not my job.

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