All the Bright Places 

Hey there!

So I just finished reading All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven so I thought I’d do a book review on it… or at least attempt a book review since I’ve never done one before and literally have no clue what to include haha. If anyone has any tips on writing book reviews I’d love to hear them. Right so here goes nothing.

*There may or may not end up being spoilers in this. I’ll try contain myself*

First of all, I’d like to say just how much I’ve cried over this book. I finished it Friday. I cried all of Friday night, most of yesterday and I’m pretty sure if I wasn’t writing right now I would be crying again. 

Even though I’ve cried oceans over this book, it is now my ultimate favourite book ever so automatically it gets 5 stars!

I really relate to both Finch and Violet but mostly Finch… apart from his ending… I hope…XD. 

I feel like if I met Finch we’d just click because our minds are almost identical. While reading his parts I just couldn’t get over how similar we both think. His character will always be with me in my head so I know I’m not alone. (He’s a book character Willow. He ain’t real XD)

And Violet I relate to because she’s a bit inwards with herself and her confidence. That’s the only thing really that I relate to.

But both characters in general I think are written with such intricacy. I’ve never read a both with such in depth characters. I love it. 

It’s a very hard hitting book for readers but I think it’s good, especially since it doesn’t have a happy ending, because mental health is so over looked and because of that people are left to die. So I think this book really helps to show what the consequences are. I hope people start taking mental health seriously. 

The story though is absolutely amazing. And the moral of the words within it are just… well I’m speechless.

For someone suffering with mental health I think this book is a must read. As someone with mental health issues, I totally vouch for that. It really feels like you have a connection to these characters.

One thing I found really surprising in the book was (careful, spoilers) when we find out that Amanda is bulimic. I think it shows that even the people we leats expect have their own problems to deal with. 

Something I really loved that Jennifer did is include phone numbers and websites of people who can help with suicide prevention, diagnosing mental health, survivors, bullying and abuse. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen an author include. 

I’ve decided to go through the book highlighting all the quotes by Finch and Violet that I think are meaningful and I’m going to be making a blog post including all of them soon.

I hope I got at least 1 star for this review. Please leave me tips. I’m desperate XD 

– Willow xx 


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