Books vs Movies

Hey there!

So I’ve been really late to the “Harry Potter game” as I only finished reading the books last summer and the films a bit after. I know I haven’t known the Harry Potter universe long but I am in love with it. Definitely my favourite book series. But I have some strong opinions about how the books are written compared to the movies so I thought I’d share them.

So firstly, the one I’m sure most people are annoyed about: “HARRY DID YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE!?!?!?!” Dumbledore asked calmly. This is something I’ve seen all over the internet since I’ve read Harry Potter. It does add a bit of spice to the movie but I feel like because the books were written first, the movies should be loyal to the books.

Secondly, book Ginny and movie Ginny. I always read complaints about how movie Ginny turned out and that she isn’t half as a rebel as book Ginny. To an extent, I agree. But I don’t think she’s as bad as everyone says she is. She’s still a good character. 

Next, Peeves. I can’t believe he wasn’t included. Literally. It devastates me. He would’ve made the movie a lot more funny and accurate. Especially in the scene where Fred and George leave in Order of the Phoenix. That would’ve been brilliant.

Lastly, the one I’m most annoyed about, the scene where Harry kills Ol’ Voldy. I read it in the books and just thought how exciting and epic it was. I couldn’t wait to watch it in the movie. But I was underwhelmed. For people who only watch the movies, it doesn’t make much sense at all I don’t think. But oh well. What can you do?

So that’s my views on the Harry Potter books vs movies. Are there any other things your annoyed about that didn’t make the cut in the movies?

– Willow xx 


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