What if…

What if music was non existent?

What if there’s life on other planets?

What if we’re the aliens?

What if we’re part of an experiment?

What if cancer didn’t exist?

What if love wasn’t an emotion?

What if there was no such thing as death?

What if everyone was treated as equals?

What if there was no war?

What if there’s ghosts floating all around us?

What if we are just part of some other world’s universe?

What if we’re a video game?

What if our life span was shorter?

What if chocolate was healthy?

What if there was no gender and we were all just completely different?

What if we were all the same?

What if we lived on a meteor?

What if blood was green?

What if the sky was yellow?

What if the sun wasn’t a giant ball of fire?

What if the sun was a giant ball of water?

What if there was no land?

What if words didn’t exist?

What if oxygen is a poison which takes 80 years to kill us?

What if everyone was at peace with each other?

What if time froze?

What if we all ceased to exist?

What if life was never created in the first place? Would this planet be happier? Would there be peace here between animals? Would people from other planets inhabit it? 

Who knows…


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