Older Me

Dear older me, 

How are you? How’s life? I have so many questions for you. I want to know what your life is like now. I want to know what’s been going on. So here’s some questions I’d really like answered.

Did you go to your dream college and university? Did you get there? Were you good enough to get there? What was it like there? Did you make new friends? Did Tom go there with you? 

What job do you have now? Do you enjoy it? Is it easy? Have you had any jobs before the one your in now? Do you want to change jobs?

Where do you live? Do you still live in Britain? Did you move to Austria like you always said? 

Are you still with Tom? Do you still love him? Does he still love you? Did you find someone else? What happened?

Do you have your dream piano? Do you have enough money to afford the damn thing? Is it beautiful? Do you still play the piano? Do you compose?

Who are your friends? Are you still in contact with Brenda and Rose and that? Where are they now? Did Brenda find a boy in the end XD?

Are you happy? Did the depression go? Do you feel better? Has anyone helped you? Did Tom help you? Did you tell someone who could help? Has all the bad stuff gone? 

I hope your okay older me. I hope your living well. I hope your happy. 

– Willow xx 


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