The Heart Project

Hey there!

So this project is something I found yesterday and I totally loved it. As you can see in the photo, its basically to raise awareness of mental disorders. You draw a heart for every disorder you’ve suffered from or just draw a blue one to show support for people. 

Just in case you can’t access the picture:

  • Red – self harm
  • Yellow – depression
  • Green – anorexia
  • Light Blue – bulimia 
  • Black – suicidal 
  • Light Pink – anxiety
  • Pink – OCD
  • Orange – bipolar
  • Blue – supporting

I think things like this are important to spread across social media as that’s where people are most likely to see them. Mental health is just as important as physical health. In some cases it can be worse. So spread it round and show support for others.

My colour hearts are: red, yellow, green, black, light pink and definitely blue. If you feel comfortable comment yours below and feel free to contact me about anything you need help with or just to talk about. I’m not psychologist but I wanna be one in the future so does that count? 

Hope you’re all okay. Stay strong.

– Willow xx  


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