Top 10 Favourite Songs – Why?

Hey there!

So someone commented on my last post of my Top 10 favourite songs (sorry I don’t remember who it was and I can’t be bothered to go and check XD) and said to do why they’re my favourite songs. I thought it was a really good idea and I also thought I’d do more music based posts as its also my passion. So here we go.

  1. Everybody wants to rule the world – Lorde – Its really dark and eerie and I quite like those kind of songs. Not the kind of rock and eerie songs though.
  2. Scars to your beautiful – Alessia Cara – The lyrics are really meaningful and the message is amazing.
  3. Gasoline – Halsey – I really relate to the lyrics kinda but also because its eerie (again) and I love Halsey so much.
  4. Fun – Coldplay – Coldplay is like my life and I’m going to see them in July (Literally cannot wait). Plus the harmonies by Tove Lo are amazing.
  5. Cake – Melanie Martinez – I love Melanie so much. I like her style of music. Also, the lyrics in this really stand out to me.
  6. Closer – Lemaitre – I heard it on an advert and just really liked the music XD
  7. Faded – Alan Walker – I heard this one on holiday when I was by the pool. They used to play this song everyday and I got used to it and really loved it.
  8. Send them off – Bastille – The music is just ace with this one.
  9. Amazing day – Coldplay – Again, Coldplay is life. I love the lyrics and I love playing this when its been a really good day.
  10. Roots – Imagine Dragons – Imagine Dragons are also my life. I hope I can see them one day. I like the depth of the music if ya get what I mean.

So yeah. Those are the reasons for my favourite songs. I’d really appreciate suggestions for any musical style posts (and any other posts really). That’d be awesome.

– Willow xx


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