£1 Million 

What would I do with £1 Million?

Well first off I’d give some of it to charity. Cancer charities and the sort. I’d just help people in general with it and do what I can for them with it.

I’d buy my boyfriend something amazing with it. Whatever he wants. (Cause then I can win a war we’ve been having on who can buy the best present XD)

I’d buy myself a huge, white, shiny grand piano because that would be just… no words.

I’d buy myself a nice ish house. Nothing too grand. But it’s be in Austria.

I’d buy myself my own custom ski equipment because I love skiing and it’s like the only sport I do cause I’m too lazy XD 

I’d adopt loads of dogs that need homes and other puppies.

I’d buy a nice ish car. Again, nothing too fancy but I do quite like matte black cars soo.

I’d buy an apartment in Australia out of it so I can go on trips all the time.

I’d buy a nice guitar. I have no preference on it really since piano is my main instrument.

I’d go on nice holidays to exotic places. 

I’d buy a good computer and a good laptop just cause I’m desperate right now.

I’d buy my family something nice. A house or something. I don’t really know.

I’d sponsor an animal like a giraffe or something cause I like em.

That’s basically it I think. Not much else I want. What would you do with £1 Million? (Or dollars or euros or [insert other currency here])

– Willow xx 


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