10 Things to do When You’re Bored 

Hey there!

Have you scrolled down your Facebook feed 1000 times already? Yeah me too. It gets boring after a while but there’s nothing else to do. Or is there? 

  1. Doodle. Even if you aren’t the best drawer doodling is a good way to take up your concentration. Even just a couple squiggly lines witha hint of colour is nice. Call it abstract.
  2. Read. It doesn’t have to be a book. It could be an article online or a magazine. Read a blog. Perhaps mine 😉
  3. YouTube. Watch your favourite channels. Go through your recommended. Find some random stuff. 
  4. DIY. Do some easy DIYs using stuff around your home. Use anything and everything.
  5. Make a blog. If you love reading blogs or have heard of blogs before why not try make one? The starting process is so fun and creative because you gotta design your blog. But then you have something to do when your bored again. So that brings me onto number 6.
  6. Write a blog post. Even if you’ve already done your daily blog post why not give your readers a bonus post? Put something random in it. Make it different to what you usually do.
  7. Make a ‘you’ character. Basically, make a character, for a book or movie or whatever, that is you. But not normal you. Make it the you that you aspire to be. So maybe they have your dream hair colour and have your dream job.
  8. Shop. Online shopping is the best. I don’t know if it’s just me but I love looking at cool stuff even if I can’t buy it. I am an Amazon addict XD.
  9. Watch TV or a movie. Watch something you never thought of watching. You may like it. Catch up on a series that you haven’t watched yet but everyone is talking about. Or maybe a new movie that recently came out.
  10. Search other posts on how to not be bored. By doing this you are focusing on something and are busy doing something so you are therefore not bored. You’re welcome XD

Anyway that’s it. Hope that helps someone.

– Willow xx 


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