Why now?

Hey there!

I’m ill. I can’t think of any actually good ideas so I’m gonna talk about my bad luck.

In November I had my top brace put on my teeth. Yesterday I had the bottom one put on and, quite obviously, I am in severe pain. 

I also have come down with a terrible cold. I keep sniffling and sneezing non stop. I have absolutely no energy.

Plus, seeing as I am female, I am on my ‘you know whats’ so my stomach is killing like Satan is in there building hell.

So because of these things I had no sleep last night. Literally none at all. So I am so so tired.

On top of a this I had a chemistry test and a physics test today. I mean 2 tests in one day is so unfair but I could barely do them because I was tired and ill. In my physics test I nearly burst out crying because I just couldn’t concentrate to do it. I’ve definitely failed both tests. No doubt about that. 

Today has been very bad. Extremely bad. I feel like death. The tablets aren’t working at all. I’m just so in pain and it won’t go away. 

That’s the end of my moan. Crap post I know but I’m having a crap day. I’ll try write like an actual human being tomorrow.

– Willow xx 


6 thoughts on “Why now?

  1. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one unhappy. I’m also on my ‘you know what’ and frankly I was really affected yesterday: a breakdown/panic attack two school periods in a row. It was the worst day ever ūüė¶ (Btw you’re post ain’t crap at all, it’s glad to know that I’m not the only one having a bad time)

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  2. I’m sorry, Willow. “You know what’s” absolutely suck. And so do braces and physics and chemistry tests. I had a physics test today, too. I actually don’t know if i did well or not. It might seem kinda silly, but I suggest listening to music / watching your favorite show and just eating some yummy stuff. Sometimes that helps me feel better when i have crap days. Sometimes feeling better just takes a whole lot of time, though. Hang in there, lovely. xx

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