All the Bright Places Quotes 

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So a while back when I did my book review of All the Bright Places I said I’d do a post of all my favourite quotes from it. It’s been a while but I’ve finally got round to it so here they are with the person who’s chapter they were in and the page number.

I am weightless and free. Nothing and no one to fear, not even myself. – Finch – Page 9

See I don’t necessarily think it’s late. I think it’s early. Early in our lives. Early in the night. Early in the new year. – Finch – Page 54

After a lifetime of feeling so much, maybe there’s actually something to be said for fast and sudden. – Finch – Page 74

I am rooted, but I flow. – Finch – Page 76

You make me feel gold, flowing. – Finch – page 76

Before I die I want to count for something. Be the person I’m meant to be and have that be enough. Matter. – Finch – Page 135

Before I die I want to stop being afraid. Stop thinking too much. Fill the holes left behind. Drive again. Write. Breathe. – Violet – Page 135

You are all the colours in one, at full brightness. – Finch – Page 172

(Violet) “What are you most afraid of?”  I think, I’m most afraid of Just be Careful. I’m most afraid of the Long Drop. I’m most afraid of Asleep and impending, weightless doom. I’m most afraid of me. (Finch) “I’m not” – Finch – Page 221

No more winter at all. Finch, you brought me spring. – Violet – Page 265

“The cadence of suffering has began” I. Am. In. Pieces. – Finch – Page 297

We do not remember days, we remember moments. – Finch – Page 315

The thing is, they were all perfect days. – Violet – Page 316

He’s not nowhere. He’s not dead. He’s just found that other world. – Violet – Page 337

But that’s not him, don’t you see? People like Theodore Finch don’t die. He’s just wandering. – Violet – Page 338

I’ll never forgive you for leaving me. I just wish you could forgive me. You saved my life. Why couldn’t I save yourself? – Violet – Page 353

Theodore Finch – I was alive. I burned brightly. And then I died, but not really. Because someone like me cannot, will not die like everyone else. I linger like the legends of the Blue Hole. I will always be here, in the offerings and people I left behind – Violet – Page 378 – The Last Page

Thanks for reading.

– Willow xx 


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