Do you hate rain?

Do you hate rain?

I really love the rain. 

I love standing in it while it drowns me with my hair dripping down my face. 

I love the sounds of rain as it patters against the roof and window.

I love the trees in the rain with their shiny leaves hanging down and dripping onto some unsuspecting persons head.

I love being at home when it rains so I can cuddle up in blankets and feel safe and warm.

I love watching the rain as it splashes into puddles that it’s formed and as it slides down the window like in one of those sad movies.

I love puddles formed by the rain as they’re fun to splash in or watch that unsuspecting person get splashed yet again.

I love the rushing when it rains. When everyone is running frantically from place to place trying to keep their freshly done hair and makeup to stay put.

I love rivers when it rains. They swish fast down the hill desperate to get to the end.

Everyone hates rain. I find it hard to see why. Why would we hate rain? We take it for granted. 

I’m sure water deprived places would think it’s holy water sent from the Gods. 

Do you still hate rain now?


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