How to Survive Secondary School 

Hey there!

Today I thought I’d do a survival guide for year 7s (and anyone really) on how to Survive Secondary School.

  1. You do not necessarily need a gigantic bag. It’ll be awkward to carry, your shoulders will kill and you’ll look pretty stupid to all the years above. But hey. It’s your choice I guess.
  2. If possible try get your PE kit to fit in your main backpack. I know this kinda goes back on my first point but still. If you carry it as a second bag I guarantee you will leave it in one of your classes. I bet £10. 
  3. Do your homework the day you get it. This makes life so much easier. You won’t have stacks of homework to do in one day then. I know your too lazy but trust me. You’ll get more free time this way.
  4. Don’t think your cool. Your not.
  5. Don’t go up to a year 11 and talking randomly because it’s “cool”. Again. It’s not.
  6. Find a friend. You’ll need one. 
  7. If someone is mean to you. Try not to cry or say anything mean back. Tell a teacher if it’s necessary but otherwise just try ignore it an befriend the nice people. 
  8. Don’t answer back to teachers. I know they’re annoying but they are just trying to help. Plus when you’re “friends” with a teacher, they’ll be nice and let you have free time or use their room to hang out and stuff like that.
  9. It’s not ‘playtime’ anymore I’m afraid. It’s break. And don’t go playing tag and hide-and-seek in the yard. Just sit around and chat. Trust me.
  10. Try to enjoy. I know it’s basically impossible but try. 
  11. Learn from your mistakes. It’s okay to make them. It’s not life or death. Not yet anyway XD.
  12. Lastly, if you manage to survive 5 years of secondary school then write one of these!

Hope this humoured some of you or helped or someone can relate.

– Willow xx 


6 thoughts on “How to Survive Secondary School 

  1. Yeah I relate to some of these. (We thank God I never actually did any of these 😅) but they actually do help. I also have secondary school Survival files (the SecSchool Survival Files I call them) and they can be really cool to read. I’d love it if you checked it out 😜 awesome post 😁

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