There was an island and it was covered in trees and greenery and beautiful flowers. 

Animals started to inhabit the island. Loads of different spieces. You think of any animal and it was on this island.

The sea around it was a luscious blue and it sparkled in the sunlight. It also inhabited countless different sea creatures. 

It was beautiful. Paradise if you will. But an animal appeared on this island and started destroying it. It took down trees, killed many animals and ate all vegetation. 

The island was destroyed. A total wasteland. 

Now this animal started to build itself a place to live. It combined many materials to make suitable forts to live in. It also needed energy. It’s energy needs soon began to destroy the island even more. It heated it up and let all oxygen escape. 

On top of this the ice wintery part of the island was starting to melt and all winter animals died. Extinct. No more. Gone. 

It flooded the island and soon all land animals had died. Extinct. No more. Gone.

It contaminated the waters so all water creatures died. Extinct. No more. Gone.

There was one animal left. They called themselves humans. They’d turned the island into a wasteland. But it no longer mattered because now they would be extinct and no more and gone too.


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