Monthly Review – January

Hey there!

So I’ve decided that at the end of each month I will do a monthly review. I will just list 5 to 10 good or productive things I’ve done at the end of each month. I thought it’d just be a great way to always look at the positive things.

  1. I enjoyed a plane ride for once.
  2. I changed my outlook on life for the better 
  3. I started this blog!
  4. I accepted myself a bit. Not much but it’s an improvement.
  5. I improved my writing skills.
  6. I improved my song writing skills 
  7. I decided I liked really deep poems and extracts.
  8. I got a pinterest XD

That’s all. What’s one positive thing you did this month?

– Willow xx 


6 thoughts on “Monthly Review – January

  1. Congratulations on enjoying your plane ride! I’ve never been on a plane before so can only imagine what it would feel like. I think one positive thing that has happened to me this month is that I am getting better at pacing and understanding i cant do things that will make me more unwell. Nice post 😊💗

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  2. Well I’ve started trying to eat healthier this week, since I can’t do much physical activity I needed to find away to keep myself in shape and healthy. It’s going good so far, but I think that’s due to the fact I’ve been in school so I haven’t been distracted by sweet treats yet😂

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