Colours. Aren’t they amazing? There are hundreds of different colours. That’s pretty spectacular.

We associate things with certain colours. Like grass green, sky blue, sun yellow.

What if it wasn’t like that? What if it was sky green, sun pink, grass purple? That’s weird to us but if it was like that in an alternate universe then we’d be the weird ones. Isn’t that crazy? 

And everyone has a favourite colour. That’s another thing that makes us unique. When you meet someone you may ask what their favourite colour is. They may say blue. But yours may be red.

There’s so many different types of colour too. Baby blue, sky blue, light blue, dark blue, electric blue, royal blue, black blue. That’s so cool. So instead when you ask someone their favourite colour they may say baby blue but yours may be royal blue. 

It’s awesome how someone can look at a colour and think how beautiful it is but then look at a different colour and think it’s disgusting.

My favourite colour is black blue. 

What’s your’s?


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