2016/2017 Tag

Hey there!

 So I was tagged by ES Ordinary for this tag. I love her blog and you should too. Click that link now and check out her blog but not before your read my post XD. The creator of the tag is The Guy Who Said Always No I believe.

So rules:

  1. Mention the tag creator
  2. Use the tags image
  3. Mention the blogger(s) who tagged you
  4. Answer the questions
  5. Tag 9 other bloggers 


1. Describe 2016 in 3 words:

  • Best
  • Worst
  • Confusing 

    2. Write 2 names of people who characterised your 2016:

    • Tom 
    • Brenda

    3. Write the most beautiful place you visited in 2016 and why you liked it so much:

    • New York because well it’s New York! The skyscrapers are so amazing. When I got home I actually felt like something was missing without all the skyscrapers. I also felt a lot taller even though I’m so short XD

    4. What’s the most delicious food you tasted in 2016?

    • I don’t know really. I didn’t really try anything new or interesting. I love cheesecake though.

    5.  Write an evevent which has marked you in 2016

    • I don’t know. A lot of hard hitting stuff happened in 2016. It was a strange year.

    6. Write the finest purchase you made in 2016 and include a picture link if you want

    • I don’t buy much really. I bought books though and they’re a pretty fine purchase indeed.

    7. Write 3 good intentions for 2017

    • Get the grades I need in my GCSE. 
    • Start trying to get into the college I want to go to.
    • Live better.

    8. What food do you most want to eat in 2o17.

    • Dumpling soup. I haven’t had it in years and the place I had it then was in Austria. I can’t find it anywhere! Grrrrr 

      So now I’m supposed to nominate 9 people. Basically all the blogs I follow have already been nominated so it’s pretty hard. 

      But I will nominate: 

      Thank you for reading and thanks for the tag!

      – Willow xx 


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