Versatile Blogger Award

Hey there! 

So today I got nominated be ES Ordinary for this award so thank you very much for that and the billion other things you’ve tagged me in this week! XD


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link.
  2. Nominate 15 people for the award.
  3. Notify the nominees.
  4. Give 7 facts about yourself.

    7 Facts:

    1. I am an Aries. 
    2. I am in love with cheesecake.
    3. I can play piano and guitar.
    4. I like deep and meaningful quotes and stories.
    5. I love fantasy.
    6. I used to really hated writing until this blog.
    7. I can breathe.

    As I’ve said in previous tags and awards, a lot of people have already done this award so I really have no one to tag. I know it probably sounds kinda stupid but I really don’t. I should find some more blogs to follow. Actually let’s do that instead. I want anyone who reads this to comment their favourite blogger so I can check them out. Deal? Deal.

    – Willow xx 


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