It All Goes Too Fast

Do you ever get that thing where your doing one thing but then you blank out and you’re doing something else?

Let me explain. So say for example you are downstairs getting a drink. The next time you think properly you’re at the top of your stairs carrying your drink. Someway, somehow you went from your fridge, out the kitchen door, through the hallway and up the stairs without noticing. Do you get that? I do.

It just shows how quick life goes by. In life you are born. The first few years of childhood are a total mystery as to you, they didn’t even exist. Then you get to your old age and you’ve forgotten a lot of things in your life. You know you’ve done them but have no recollection of them at all. You can remember certain parts that were so amazing you just couldn’t forget them but the rest is gone. You blanked through life and soon it may all come to an end.

Everyone says to do everything you want to do in life or you’ll regret it in the future. They say “make the most of life”. Thing is, when you grow old and die you won’t remember any of those things that you did and I think that’s the really sad part. Yet, I still believe you should do those things while you still can and make the most of whatever life this is. 

That is why I don’t understand people who commit crimes and terrorists and that. Why do that? Just make the most of doing amazing things in life instead of getting yourself locked up or killed. 

Everything goes too fast. The good stuff has to come to an end. But so do all the bad stuff. Just remember if there’s a bad time in your life it will be over soon because time goes so quickly. 

It all goes too quickly really. Enjoy life while you can and don’t ruin it for anyone else. Please.

– Willow xx 


4 thoughts on “It All Goes Too Fast

  1. I really like this post. It expresses many feelings about age, memory, and being a wonderful person because life’s too short to be anything else.


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