Happy Places

Everyone has their happy place.

In the shower.

In the bath.

Curled up in bed.

Driving around at night.

Cycling by a river in the sun.

Lying in a meadow in spring.

While doing intense sport.

Running through a forest.

Listening you music.

Making music.

With their friends.


In the cinema. 

With the person you love.

On a plane soaring through the clouds.

While watching your favourite sport.

While sitting in a tree.

As for me, my happy place is when I’m skiing. I’m in control. Just me. Time to think and enjoy and be happy. That burst of adrenaline makes me happy. That’s when my best ideas shine through. I happen to be heading on holiday to ski as I am writing this and cannot wait. Maybe we’ll have actual good posts on here then. So that’s my happy place.

What’s yours?

– Willow xx 


2 thoughts on “Happy Places

  1. My happy place is sitting on the windowsill in my bedroom with my indie playlist playing in the background just watching everyday life happen. When I’m there all my worries just melt away and I feel free. It’s really peaceful. x

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