10 Places I’ve Travelled 

Hey there!

Today I thought I’d do 10 places I’ve travelled. Not necessarily my favourite places but just places I’ve travelled so here we go!

  1. New York! Okay so that is my favourite place I’ve travelled. I went at Christmas and it was awesome and if you’re from new york then I wanna be you.
  2. Florida! I just love America at this point in time.
  3. Norway! Norway was really cool. I went on a cruise there and going through Fjords was so cool. 
  4. Austria! Austria is one of my favourite places ever. I’ve been to a lot of different places there and I wanna move there. Austrians I love you! XD
  5. Egypt! I love Egypt. I loved going snorkeling and seeing all the pretty coloured fish. I’m such a little child.
  6. Italy! I love Italy. Why? Because pizza.
  7. Slovenia! I went skiing there. I don’t remember it much but I think it was pretty good!
  8. Spain! I like Spain. It’s warm and there was an awesome water park.
  9. France! DisneyLand!!! (Floridas better) sorry French people.
  10. Bulgaria! I can’t say anything about this as… I am actually in Bulgaria at this point in time.

If you are from any of these places then please comment. That’d be awesome!

– Willow xx 


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