People are spectacular things. They are also the worst animal on this planet. But still. They are spectacular.

Everyone is unique and I think that’s pretty special. Even twins are unique. Not only in their personalities but also because they are part of very few who have a person who looks exactly like them. I think it’s awesome that even if 2 people both have pale skin, blonde hair, blue eyes and are 6 foot they are still unique.

I also think it’s pretty awesome that our face is basically our form of identity. Without the look of our faces no one else can recognise us. Our faces are basically our IDs that allow other people to access who we are. 

I like to believe that I am just a soul that’s been put in this body. I didn’t create the way I look but I did create the way I am. So I believe that when I look out of my eyes it’s like a clear wall. I am just occupying this structure we call a body. It was given to me to look after. We must keep this body safe. Prevent it from damage. We have to control it’s movements and help it have a good life. Our bodies are just our souls home. We are souls. 

We also have to trust other souls that live in bodies with our body. If we do somehow damage our body we go to a hospital. The souls in their bodies there fix ours so we can go on controlling it.

There are a lot of souls that do not like their homes and therefore harm it purposely. Some also choose to destroy it totally so that the soul can hopefully move one to something else. Obviously we do not know what comes after this. 

Some souls lose control of their bodies and turn evil. They commit crimes and hurt people. They end up locking their precious body in a cell.

Some souls think their bodies are better than other souls bodies. They use they’re body to put others down and bully them and say horrible things about their body. 

Dear Souls who read this,

Respect the body/home you were put in. It’s the only one you’ll ever get. Cherish it. Take good care of it. Help it on its way through life. And when the time comes for the body to die and for you to move on, be happy about all the love and care you gave your home. Someone gave you your body for a reason. Something about your personality has the same code as the looks of the body you were given. It’s yours and only yours.

I have one last thing to tell all you souls of the world. Don’t put other people down. They have their bodies. You have yours. Let them deal with theirs and you deal with yours. 

Soul = Personality 

Body = Home

Soul + Body = Human Being

– My metaphor for appearances xx 


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