A Whole Other World

In the sky. Surrounded by clouds. It’s whole different world up there. 

A traffic system of planes. Thousands in the sky at once. Doing the once unthinkable; Flying. Once, an impossibility to man but now a way of getting to the place you need to be and seeing new things you never thought you would.

Birds flying over the globe. In groups. Migrating. Country to country to keep up with the seasons. 

Weather. Ever changing. Clouds appearing and disappearing. Producing rain and covering the sun. Or electrifying the world.

Journey even further and you get to space. All the stars. Exploding billions of miles away. And planets of all different types. And galaxies with unknown content. Yet likely there’s another planet like ours with people like us. An alternate universe. Who knows?

The sky. It’s calm. It’s peaceful. It’s beautiful. It’s not appreciated enough. The glorious sunsets and twinkling stars. They represent our world. Our universe. 


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