My Holiday

Hey again!

So here is my second post of the day as if you didnt read my last on was because I didnt post yesterday because I was tired and flight delays. 

In this blog post I wanna write about my holiday to Bulgaria. 

So I went skiing to Bansko which is in Bulgaria its was really awesome there. The skiing was pretty good but it was quite hard to do some proper skiing (like going super fast with good technique) as the slopes were extremely busy. 

I did a few reds every day, which for those who don’t know are the medium hardest slopes, and I did a few blues. I’m too terrified for blacks and would probably fall my way down them. Although I did do 1 black when I went skiing last he year with my school but it took a while for me to get down XD. 

Fun story time which has no relation whatsoever:

Last year on that skiing holiday,  I went down a result for the first time and my right turns aren’t as good as my lefts so I was casually skiing across the slope but I couldn’t find a good spot to turn. I ended up running out of slope and my skis hit the hard snow that was piled up on the side and I post balance and fell 30 metres down the red. Which was all the way down to the bottom. I crashed into 2 people on the way down but luckily they stayed upright. I was thankfully not hurt but at the end of the holiday when they did awards I got an award for that fall XD.

End of fun story time which has no relation whatsoever.

Back to Bansko. 

So now just some little things that stood out on my holiday.

  • Eating pizza literally every lunch time.
  • Falling over getting off a chair lift. BUT it wasn’t my fault. The guy next to me cut across in from of me 
  • Falling over going down a small slope that went up the other side. Like a U shape but less steep. I needed speed to get up the other side but I lost balance. There were small cliffs the either side also so I was terrified to say the least XD
  • This one woman who was obviously beginner but going really fast but was seriously out of control and she looked like jelly.
  • Me dabbing basically all the time.
  • Waiting an hour just to get on the gondola up the slopes.
  • The girl with the green poles who kept appearing in don’t of me all the time.
  • Walking up 71 steps I get to the room instead of the lift cause it was so dodgy.
  • The bracket coming off my brace cause I ate a cookie.
  • Eating 5000 kiwis a night.
  • Seeing loads of stray dogs and being sad.
  • Having the extremely nice hot chocolate.
  • The flight being delayed by 5 hours because first of all the plane left Heathrow airport in London but had a technical fault so had to turn back. Then it couldn’t take off because of strong winds. I feel sorry for the people on that plane trying I get out to Bansko. At least we were just going home. 
  • The people from Birmingham who were also delayed because of weather but weather had a good chat.
  • The funny flight crew who when we said we were glad to see them also said back that they were glad to see us cause it meant they were going home XD
  • The scary landing into Heathrow where I had my hood up, hands over ears, eyes closed and singing the song Send Them Off by Bastille over and over in my head. I did this cause it was very windy and I was terrified. 
  • Getting home and being greeted by my hyped up dog.
  • Sleeping at last.

    So that was all the little things I want to remember about my holiday to Bansko. Hope you enjoyed reading this. I gotta get back to normal blogging now as all my posts this week were scheduled. Talk to you soon.

    – Willow xx 


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