My Not So Big Decision 

Hey there! 

If you read my blog a lot then you know that I post 6 days a week. so no Saturdays.

Today I decided I wouldn’t do Sundays either. So just 5 days a week. Weekdays.

I decided this because sometimes doing it so many times a week can be hard to come up with ideas especially with the type of blog I write. I don’t write poems or like short stories or something I can just make up. I write lists, give advice, to top 10s, write deep posts. but there’s only so many top 10s to be done and all my deep posts come from inspiration I see during the day. Nothing is planned out. It’s all spontaneous. 

It’s especially hard on a Sunday. As I am an antisocial introvert I do not go out much on the weekends so don’t go out and experience the world for inspiration. And during the week I just go to school so I see pretty much the same things ever week so sometimes it’s hard to get inspiration from the outside world.

Whenever I do get ideas I write them down or put them on my phone so I do have ideas in advance but sometimes I don’t really know how to write them as a blog and my ideas are a bit slack. But if I don’t get inspiration and ideas those ideas that are written down for future get used up and then there’s nothing.

Plus I feel bad copying other people’s types of post. I want to be original and it can be hard some times. 

I’m sure other bloggers experience this and if you do please leave some tips on what you do.

So yeah. That’s my not so big decision. This will be my last Sunday post. Enjoy your week guys.

– Willow xx 


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