What I Learnt 

Hey there!

I had a lot of struggle titling this post as I wasn’t sure if I should call it What I Learnt or I Changed because today was as bit weird. Here’s the story. 

So today my boyfriend (Tom) came back from his holiday but today was also the first day of school so he missed it. So I was alone in school. I don’t really have any good friends to hang out with so my anxiety was through the roof because I didnt wanna be alone. I was literally terrified this morning. 

Here I am writing a post about today because it went so well and this isn’t the first time. Let me explain. 

I’ve had a lot of days where there was something to make me nervous. I worried so much. But whenever I got to the situation it was fine. No reason for me to worry. So basically the thing I learnt was that Worrying Makes It Worse. Worrying too much just means you suffer even more. You have to try and stop worrying because once you get to the thing you’re worrying about, it’s not nearly as half as bad as you thought it was going to be. Trust me.

The reason I could’ve called this post I Changed is because I’ve also decided to change myself. I made this decision this weekend and now after today I’m sticking with it.

I have decided I am going to care less about what people say about me. I’m going to laugh at myself more especially when I get embarrassed. I’m going to try different things when the opportunity is given to me. I’m going to be more confident. I am going to get rid of my anxiety.

That’s right ladies and gentleman. I am going to be rid of my anxiety. I believe the key to recovery is to push yourself to do so. Even if you’re on medication. Even if you are going to a therapist. Even if your school or parents are helping you. None of that will help unless you try to help yourself. 

So guys. If you have a mental disorder, stop relying on others so much. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Get out into the world and experience what life is like care free. I did. And I feel great!

For more on my opinion of mental health read my GCSE English speech HERE

– Willow xx 


5 thoughts on “What I Learnt 

  1. I’m so happy for you, and I want to do this so badly and I always try, but I find it so, so hard. I just can’t get myself out of that mindset, and even when it ends up I’m worrying about nothing, the one time I worry and it ends up being a problem, that kinds motivates me to continue worrying so much about things.
    Did that make sense? Sorry if it didn’t! Anyway, it would be awesome if you could make a post about how to start not worrying and how to slowly get rid of anxiety…I’d love to read that🙂

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