Back With My Life Lessons 

Hey there!

So yesterday I posted about not worrying because it only makes it worse and today I’m back with more information and life lessons.

Today I did my English oral GCSE. (Read it HERE) I also had to do a group discussion about lowering the voting age to 16. Both the individual speech and group discussion went seriously well. 

In the past when I’ve done speeches in class they’ve always ended up as me standing there shaking my ass off, stuttering like hell and my legs seriously wobbly. I’ve never had higher than a B for any speaking thing ever. Today all that changed.

We haven’t had the actual marks back yet and I don’t know when we will get them but the teachers examining it said I did extremely well and definitely got in the top boundary so that’s either A or A*!! Obviously I hope A* but for a speaking them an A would be great. I’m really starting to beat my anxiety. 

So my life lesson today is: it gets better with time. 

You may contradict this by saying “well I’ve been like this for 5 years” and to that I say it takes a different amount of time for everyone. You just have to wait for the right circumstance. I’ve been had depression and anxiety for over 2 years now but now it’s looking up. 

It’s different for everyone. You may have more mental illnesses than 1 or 2 so then you have more to fix. Or you may have one mental illness but it’s extremely severe. Whatever it is it’s going to take time. You have to keep persevering. And please please please never end your own life because of a mental illness. Your disorder doesn’t define you. It’s not a permanent thing that’s with you forever. Just keep wading onward no matter how hard it may get. Keep picking yourself up. You will get there my friend. I promise.

I got a comment yesterday on my last post saying to do an advice post on how to get rid of anxiety and tips to stop worrying so I will do that soon.

Thanks for reading. Hope you’re all okay. 

– Willow xx 


3 thoughts on “Back With My Life Lessons 

  1. Good job for your Os!! I took mine two years ago and it was the most nerve-wracking experience 😥 thanks for this post, I’m taking As this year and I’m terrified, but it reminded me that nothing is as bad as our fears make it seem, and that in time, everything works itself out.

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