It’s Wrong!

Hey there!

Earlier I thought of something that really annoyed me… like a lot. So here’s my rant.

You can’t hate a certain nationality, religion, sexuality, race, etc. Okay so what I mean by that is kinda what the world is doing right now. Especially Trump. We are all discriminating against Muslims. I think that’s wrong. You can’t just say a whole religion is bad. you can’t say everyone that’s a Muslim is bad because they aren’t. There is good and bad in everyone.

You also can’t say:

  • Every black person is bad.
  • Every white person is good.
  • Every Christian is right.
  • Every American is great.
  • Every Russian is dangerous.
  • Every Mexican is an abuser of laws and rights.
  • Every female is a bad feminist.
  • Every homosexual has a disease.

That’s all the general stereotypes of the world that I can think of and they are ALL WRONG!


  • Not every black person is bad. 
  • Not every white person is good.
  • Not every Christian is right.
  • Not every American is great.
  • Not every Russian is dangerous.
  • Not every Mexican is an abuser of laws and rights.
  • Not every female is a bad feminist.
  • And for this last one; NO homosexual has a disease.

Not everyone of a certain religion, gender, sexuality, race, nationality is of a certain “type”. 

It all depends on the way you’re brought up, the way you’re taught, the family background you have, and also your own mind.

There are:

  • Black people who do good things. E.g Obama.
  • White people who do bad things. E.g Trump.
  • Christians who make wrong choices.
  • Americans who do not do great things. E.g Trump again.
  • Russians who try to save people.
  • Mexicans who just want a good place to live or be with family.
  • Females who just want to be equal to men. Not have power over men.
  • Homosexuals who just want to be with the one they love.

We shouldn’t stereotype different “types” of people just because a lot of them do something or because of their leader.

On the news you always hear bad things like terrorism by Muslims. They will never put anything on the news that is good about Muslims. If a Muslim saved someone’s life miraculously then some godamn white person will be given credit because as the stereotype says “white people are good”. It’s Wrong!

There are:

  • White people that are Muslim.
  • White people that murder.
  • White people that commit all sorts of crimes.
  • White people that are gay.

I am truly sorry to anyone that is black, homosexual, Muslim or female. I am truly sorry.

And to all you people, whoever you may be, you are probably one of those stereotypes; bad, wrong, dangerous, selfish, etc.





Thank you and goodbye!

– Willow xx 


14 thoughts on “It’s Wrong!

  1. I needed this today. At my school, people stereotype the world outside of them all the time without actually going out into it. This helped me feel better though. And i loved that little bit at the end, “I applaud you for destroying everyone’s happiness” 🙂 thank you xx

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  2. Great post! It makes me sad every time I see that someone judges another person because of a stereotype or a prejudice. I can’t believe how people can be so DUMB. I mea they don’t even know them!
    love, elena

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