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So earlier I got a comment on yesterday’s post from All The Jazz which was about what I said about piano and that gave me the idea of finally talking more about music on my blog so today I’m going to talk about music!!

So as you should know if you’ve read my blog before I can play the piano and the guitar and I also sing a little but I’m not that good. I am grade 8 on piano and I don’t do grades on guitar.

I started piano when I was 6. I did a step 1 exam firstly before proper grades. I did grades 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 and now 8 so I skipped grades 2 and 4. I have been practicing for grade 8 since last September and my exam will hopefully be in December this year but if not it will be in March next year so I’m hoping for December to get it out of the way. After I have done my grade 8 it is not compulsory of me to so anymore exams. I could go on to do diploma but I’m not going to because I don’t want a career in piano. I may want to teach it on the side of my main job but I will not need higher than grade 8 to do that.

I don’t remember most of my exams but I remember bits. The main thing I remember was my grade 7 exam. I was doing the aural (no not oral!) part of the exam and the examiner played a piece and I had to say it’s characteristics. I wanted to say it had a homophonic texture but I accidently said homophobic… the examiner corrected me but I died inside. So tip for all musicians: Don’t let nervousness take over too much because you will say the wrong thing and die. I still passed that exam with a merit which was awesome. 

  • Step 1 I got distinction 
  • Grade 1 I got distinction 
  • Grade 3 I got merit
  • Grade 5 I got pass
  • Grade 6 I got pass
  • Grade 7 I got merit.

It is extremely difficult just to even pass grade 8 but I am aiming for a merit. I have hope at least. 

In addition to piano practical exams I have also done theory exams. You have to do to at least grade 5 theory to even do grade 6 practical or above so it’s a necessary thing for all musicians I am sorry. It’s a horrible complex thing I know. I did grade 1, 3 and 5 theory so again skipped 2 and 4. I passed all of them but with just a pass. But it’s good because they are done. Plus, if you ever want to do another instrument and do exams you don’t need to redo the theory because it’s the same for all instruments! Yay! Something good about theory!!

So onto guitar! I started guitar in about October last year. The reason being is because I found out that to get into my dream college next year, to apply for the scholarship you need an instrument of grade 7 or above and another instrument that you can play moderately well. So I had piano but nothing else. So I started guitar lessons in school. The teacher knew my circumstance and that I would need a good song by the end of 2017. So instead of starting of with basics and chords. I went straight onto a song called Romanza which I think is about grade 3 to 5 standard. It includes a lot of bar chords so it’s quite hard for me as a beginner but I’m doing okay at it now and I believe I can get it good by the scholarship exam at the start of next year. I did teach myself at lot of chords so I do know the basic stuff and I can play at lot of songs now so it’s okay. 

I also like to compose a lot. Mostly on piano since its the instrument I’m best at but I have tried with guitar too. I’m not good with words so all my songs are classical. I like classical though. It’s my favourite genre. I also like to sing and play the piano at the same time. Only on my own though. I don’t like backing tracks because I feel like if I do it then I’m more in control.

Other things I do that’s musical… 

I accompany my chamber choir in school. I was at asked once in year 8 to do it but I said no. I got asked twice in year 9 to do it but I said no twice. Then year 10 came and I finally said yes XD. It’s actually better than I thought it was going to be. The reasons I said no the first few times is because I thought I wasn’t good enough to do it but recently I’ve gained a lot more confidence and I am overcoming my anxiety so.

That’s all about music for now. If anyone has any questions please post them in the comments. I’d love to answer for you. I will also be updating you guys on the Dream college situation soon as there’s this thing coming up soon. I’ll tell you when we get to it.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

– Willow xx 


9 thoughts on “Music!

  1. You’re a musician, ha ha! You can play the guitar and the piano. That’s awesome! I was attending to the music school in my town and I was learning to play the piano when my mum decided that I wouldn’t go to that school any more… Then I was only 8 years old – I couldn’t go alone to that school and my mum had too much duties, she couldn’t walk me (e.g. my grandparent were in a hospital for a long time and my mum had to look after them). I cried that I didn’t learn playing the piano, it was terrible for me cause my dream was skill of playing the piano. I was so sad and I’m sad now because that; it was almost six years ago but I remember that ūüė¶ I can only play the scale and two very, very easy melodies on a piano. I also would like to play the guitar. I think guitar is a nice instrument and the guitar sound is amazing! Is play the guitar difficult? I’d like to learn it ūüėČ

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