Hey there!

This is technically my Friday post because somehow I forgot to post. Sorry guys. I have no clue how I forgot. Anyway. Today I’m going to talk about relationships. 

So as you know I have a relationship with an amazing person but that’s not what I’m talking about today. I want to just talk about relationships in general and perhaps give some advice.

My first point is sometimes clingy is good. It shows that you do just want the other person and only them. If your not clingy or aren’t around much then the other person may think you don’t care about them, or you’re cheating. It’s not just about you though because if the other person is being the clingy one then don’t be hating on them for it. It shows they just really wanna be with you. And if you’re both clingy then that’s perfect.

My second point is don’t go looking at or flirting with other people. I do this as a joke sometimes and yes it can be funny but don’t do it seriously it can make the other person feel worthless. And if it’s done to you then maybe try talking to your boyfriend/girlfriend.

My third point is to always look at what you’ve already got. If you’re in a loving, supportive relationship and love the other person a lot then that’s great but don’t start thinking in your head about some other girl or guy. You’ve got a fantastic relationship. Don’t ruin it but taking  chance with another person you may like. I only mean this point if you love the person you’re with and maybe someone else. That brings me on to the next point.

My fourth point is to not stay with someone you don’t love. If you like someone else and not the person you’re with then it’s unfair on then. Just end it nicely. It’s not fair when someone is putting all their time and effort into you and you don’t love them back. Let them find someone right and you go do the same.

My fifth point is if you are in an abusive relationship the tell someone. I know that can be hard because some people who abuse try to isolate you but at any opportunity tell someone. Tell a stranger and ask them to call the police. Do anything. I hope no one find themselves in that situation.

Lastly don’t push the other person too far. If they don’t want to dk something then just say it’s fine and be patient. Don’t force them to do anything they don’t want to. Even if they don’t say no. If they seem uncomfortable then just stop and hug them and tell them it’s okay. And of you’re the one who doesn’t wanna do something then just say no and maybe apologise (really you have nothing to apologise for) and tell them you aren’t ready and go eat a pizza or something.

Again sorry about forgetting to post. But thanks for reading. Hope this helped someone or enlightened someone. Post questions below! ::D

– Willow xx 


3 thoughts on “Relationships

  1. Oh, amazing post!! It’s so good ūüėČ You’re definitely right, that’s true what you write. Unfortunately I haven’t got a boyfriend but I’d like to have him. Relationships are so helpful when we feel lonely, it’s a good way to feel happy. Sometimes I’m very sad and I want to hug somebody but I haven’t any person who will hug me. Parents not always understand us, friends and also best friends sometimes aren’t sufficient for us and we want to have more, we want to have somebody who doesn’t related with us but he loves us. That’s very beautiful! I want to have a boy who will love me regardless of who I am, what I like, how I feel and look…

    All the best!!
    Lovely hugs ‚̧

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