My Late Night Blog

Hey there!

It is currently 11:15pm and I am tired. I slept about 1am last night and I have been dead all day because of it. It will probably be the same again but oh well. 

I forgot to blog all day because I was tired as well as busy. I say busy but I was playing video games for about an hour. Shush I’m allowed a break every once in a while.

I’m a fairly busy person I think. I’m always organising something or doing homework or revising or practicing piano or practicing guitar or doing my bullet Journal or writing my blog. I have a busy schedule everyday. I try to cram everything in and it doesn’t always work. I want free time to myself because having a relax is key to being productive. But it’s hard to do so.

Sometimes I get in these moods where I just haven’t been creative enough. I am in one of those moods right now but I can’t do anything because it’s so late. I am quite a creative person in my opinion.

I have 3 tests this week so I’m going to be even more busy. I got biology and chemistry tests on Thursday and a French test on Wednesday. Busy busy. Plus I still need to get in some creative time! Plus a revision class after school on Wednesday! It can be stressful at times but I’m quite organised so it’s not too bad. 

I am too tired to write any more to be honest. Comment below any good ways to fall asleep faster. Please. I need it.

Time of finish: 11.25. 10 minutes. Well done Willow.

– Willow xx 


8 thoughts on “My Late Night Blog

  1. Drink tea or hot chocolate before bed! Definitely stay away from coffee though as it’ll only hype you up. I often find myself feeling like I’m wasting time in bed trying to sleep and that I could be doing something productive. Remember, sleep is really important and I hope you get your beauty sleep!

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  2. Oh, I’m busy too. I’ve got a lot of homework, tests, quizzes etc. Many teachers like giving lots of exercises so I also haven’t got free time for myself.
    *I’m writing this comment and I’m doing my English homework at the same time now*
    Sometimes a cup of melissa helps. You should try it. Melissa calms and quietens, ha ha.
    If you have some time, can you visit my blog and post a comment? I’ll be very jolly cause it’s quite important for me. I have that blog because I want to have the best mark for semester final grade from English. I come from Poland so English isn’t my ethnic language and every form of doing extra English homework etc. is good! I’m going to show my English teacher my blog.

    All the best ❤


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