Sad Poem

*THIS IS NOT MY POEM. I just really liked the message. I did tweak it slightly*

Words words

bitch and whore.
She runs away
and slams the door.
She takes a knife
and cuts her skin
remembering how screwed up her life has been.
She leans to the toilet,
throws up to be thin.
At school all she has is a grin.
She cuts, cuts, cuts some more.
Screaming in pain, blood on the floor.

People call her emo, people laugh at her face.
But they haven’t even tried to be in her place.
Her dad just died, her mom has depression.
Her brother has to go through a therapy session.

Why can’t people see? That smile is a lie.
Everything’s done for her.
Her life’s fading by.

Blood drips to the floor, she’s screaming in pain.
She can’t eat because that means more weight to gain.
She wishes to be perfect, she says it’s not fair.
She says she hears people talking about her hair.

Her soul has been broken.
But she never told anyone.
Her words have never been spoken.
She takes the rope.
Hangs herself in the dark.
She no longer has a beating heart.
Her friends fall to the ground when they hear the words “She’s dead.”
Her brother cries as he sleeps in her bed.

She is gone.
She is done.
Just because of people making fun.
She’s buried on a Saturday and people start crying.
All because that one girl stopped trying.

So before judging someone on their weight or their clothes,
their smile, their laugh, their race or their nose,
just take a moment to see,
everyone is not always who they seem to be.



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