Top 10 Favourite Fruits

Hey there!

You guys know I love a good old top 10 and I haven’t done one in a while so here ya go. I would’ve done vegetables too but I hate basically all veg. I so badly want to be vegetarian because I do hate the thought of eating things that were once alive and free but 1. I hate veg and all replacements to meat. and 2. I love bacon so much. Maybe I will one day guys.

  1. Mango. You can’t top it.
  2. Kiwi. Kawaii Kiwi. (Sorry I felt like it XD)
  3. Oranges 
  4. Strawberries 
  5. Raspberries (There’s a P in raspberry. Woah)
  6. Grapes. or as I like to say: GRAPS! (Only the green kind though)
  7. Apples (again only the green kind)
  8. Peaches  (I find it weird how peach is a colour too)
  9. Pineapple (only on pizza though)
  10. Blueberries because they are like the only food that is blue.

That’s all for today my friends. Thanks for reading as always. 

– Willow xx 


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Favourite Fruits

  1. Wow!! ūüėÄ We have got almost the same tastes!
    Mango is my favorite fruit ever, it’s delicious ‚̧ Kiwi is also good. I don't mind oranges. Strawberries and raspberries – they're amazing, in Poland in summer there are lots of these fruit ^^ Grapes, peaches and pineapple are also tasty for me. I like green apples like you ūüėČ They're quite sour and I like that! There are lots of apple trees in Poland and there are lots of apples, regional Polish apples ^^ Blueberries are really tasty. I love them!! ‚̧


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