You may or may not know but today there was a supposed terror attack in London. It’s the first in London for years. It is the first in this wave of terrorism. At least 4 are dead including a police man. 

As I have said in previous posts, we should not assume that all of that type of person is a terrorist but how do we stop them if we don’t know who’s good and who’s bad? We can’t tell.

They want to disrupt our lives. Wherever you are from in the world, I think we all need to join together and rise above these people. Show them we aren’t going to flee or hide ourselves away and let them take control of our lives. We have to remember there are more of us than them. More of us. 

I hope everything in London is okay and I hope all people injured and the families of the dead are safe and well.

Spread love, not violence.

– Willow xx 


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