I’ve Never Been So Busy!

It’s only Tuesday and I feel like the week should already be over. It’s like Monday was yesterday, Monday is today and Monday is tomorrow. I’ve never had so much to do!

Okay so yesterday and also today there was a small meeting with a girl in year 11 who got into the same college that I want to go to. So she basically had a chat with me, my boyfriend, my boyfriends friend and and another girl I’m friends with. She just talked about the college; the entry exams, scholarships, interviews, etc. It was really good and very enlightening.

So because of everything she said it means I have a lot more to do. This is a list of everything I have to do on a daily basis.

  • Piano practice
  • Guitar practice
  • Homework from school
  • Revision for exams
  • Relearn grade 5 theory as apparently that’s in the music scholarship exam.
  • Learn to improvise on piano as the more skills I learn the better.
  • Learn to recognise notes by ear because of the same reason above.
  • Use this app called Memrise to learn new things
  • Read more about college (It’s not something I have to do but my head won’t function if I don’t do this).
  • Come up with an idea for my blog and then write it.
  • Try exercise (I don’t always do it. I only do this if I find the time because as you can s3e I have a tight schedule)

This schedule is everyday but there are commitments I have to fulfil on some days too. Like:

  • St John’s Ambulance on a Thursday after school.
  • Piano lessons on a Monday after school.
  • Biology revision on Wednesdays after school.
  • Physics revision on Thursdays.
  • Maths revision on Mondays.

There will be other revision lessons after school soon too so it’s just going to get more hectic. Plus every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday and sometimes Saturday I shower so that takes an hour out of my day.

I try to plan my time effectively by using my bullet journal. It doesn’t always go the way I plan but it usually works out okay. 

I will try to keep blogging through this busyness but when GCSE exams start I don’t know if I will blog as often but I’ll try to since its something I enjoy. 

Thanks for reading as always. How do you manage your time?

– Willow xx 


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