What happens after death?

No one really know what what happens after death. No one can prove it and no one ever will probably.

Some people think we get reincarnated. If I get reincarnated I hope to be a giraffe because then I’ll be tall for once. If I am a reincarnation right now then I wish I could remember a past life. Wouldn’t that be awesome? 

Some people think that nothing happens and that it’s just black. For me, I don’t believe in this. I think that something must happen. Think of it like this. The black nothingness happened before we were born and it zooms buy and we don’t know where we were then. But now because we’ve lived our life how can there be nothingness forever?

Other people think we turn to ghosts. This is the one I hope happens after death because I wanna haunt people so badly.

Some people think we go to heaven. I am atheist so I do not believe in this.

These are just my beliefs and I understand that people have different beliefs but I just wanted to express mine.

Thanks for reading. What do you think happens after death?

– Willow xx 


One thought on “What happens after death?

  1. Nice post. I like it so much! The question “What happens after death?” it’s philosophic and also it’s connected with our faith. I’m Catholic so I hope I go to the heaven after my death. I imagine that it’s a beautiful place with lots of plants, grass, animals and also clouds and it looks like the sky and there are nice people who were good when they were alive.

    All the best!! ❤

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