The Internet 

Everyone is always glued to their phones 24/7 most likely on some sort of social media. I mean come on. I’m doing it right now while writing this! I’ve been texting my boyfriend basically all day (as he is in holiday) and also watching youtube at the same time. Multitasking with social media.

But seriously. We wouldn’t be able to live without the internet or our phones. We depend on them now. Imagine living with just books and letters. How would we all cope?!

In all honesty, no matter how could the internet is, it is corrupting the world. Because of the internet there is:

  • More bullying (cyberbullying)
  • More sexual assault
  • More harassment 
  • More hacking (hacking wouldn’t even exist without the internet)
  • More illegal items being sold
  • More money being stolen
  • More fraud
  • More influences

Most of those I’m sure you’ll know what I mean. But let me explain that last one.

By ‘more influences’ I mean that young people’s mind develop a view or thought that may not be true. I can speak from personal experience and I will do a full blog post about this one day. But just as an example, someone may say “Everyone should like Donald Trump because he will improve everyone’s lives.” A person reading that may want to improve their life an think “Well this person is saying Donald Trump will improve my life and that’s what I want to do. I’ll vote for him.” That view was then just influenced by something someone said online and it may mother be strictly true.

Rules of the internet:

  1. Never talk to anyone you do not know or trust
  2. Never put where you live online (you could put your country but I’d say no more than that)
  3. If someone bullies you, harasses you or hurts you in anyway online (and in real life) tell someone immediately.
  4. If you see it happen to anyone else tell someone immediately as well.
  5. Do not be that person who is bullying or harassing someone. It’s not clever and it does not make you “cool”. Just don’t!
  6. Enjoy the internet for all it has to offer and use it effectively!

Thanks for reading and remember to stay safe!

– Willow xx 


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