The Holidays

Finally! The Easter holidays (Easter break if your American or something) have began! 2 weeks of no school and relaxed days. But there’s some problems.

  • I have 2 maths past papers to complete.
  • Some song composition notes to make.
  • Start revising for my Welsh GCSE.
  • Revise for all the other f-ing exams I have after that. 


  • It’s Easter on Sunday. 
  • It’s also my birthday on Sunday  (cool right?)
  • My boyfriend is coming down my house 3 days of this week and 3 days on next week.
  • I’ve been out today.
  • I’m going out on Saturday.
  • I have Welsh revision (IN THE HOLIDAYS!) on the Tuesday after easter.

So that was probably very confusing for you to read but basically the only days I have free are as follows.

  • This Friday. 
  • Next Monday.
  • The weekend after Easter.

It’s hard life. I’m just glad I won’t have any extra homework given to me. It’s a hard life.

Also yesterday I did a music competition. The top 3 prices were like a lot of money. I didn’t win anything which is okay. I really enjoyed watching everyone else. But everyone was very good and I am no where near their standard even though I knew a couple of them and we’re on the same grade in piano which is grade 8. I’m just not feeling good enough right now and I don’t know what to do with my life. Anyway. 

That’s my holiday plans. The only good part is seeing my boyfriend a lot. Hope everyone else has a good holiday or has had a good holiday. What have you got planned? Or what did you get up to? 

– Willow ♡


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