Painting and Story writing 

The best form of creating the unimaginable.

You can literally draw whatever you want. You can draw however you want. I just find it cool that you can create something that no other human being out of the 7 billion people on the planet (and the ones before us) has ever created before. It’s unique. It’s a reflection of you. It’s beautiful!

You can also write whatever you like. You can write a story that’s never been told. Whether it’s a real story or not. It’s still never been told.

We’re creating artful mature pieces and best selling stories right now.

As you go through life you continue to write your story with your choices, the other people (characters) you meet, the things you do. And we create painting by seeing new things. They leave a picture in our head for us to revisit whenever we like.

It’s truly a unique form of creativity. It’s our own paintings and stories. But no one will ever see or read them.

– Willow ♡ 


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