Can I do art?

Hey there!

So one thing that you probably don’t know is that I am obsessed with art and especially digital art. Recently, literally Sunday, I got a digital art tablet to try to do it myself. 

I’ve done some pencil drawings before but I’m not that good but I want to keep practicing to improve.

To do digital art I believe you need to be good at pencil art and that kind of stuff too so before I properly try it digitally I’m going to practice my pencil art first.

My like actual inspiration for digital art is a YouTube channel called JennaDrawings and if you are interested in it too I suggest you check her out. I totally want to be as good as her.

So I’ve drawn 1 picture since I decided that I actually wanna try art instead of just watching it all the time. It’s not great but it’s not horrible either. I don’t know. You tell me. 

 I’m going to colour it in but I’m not good at colouring and shading and stuff. But that’s my first attempt anyway.

What do you think of art? Do you know any good artists to look at? 

– Willow ♡


6 thoughts on “Can I do art?

  1. Your drawing shows great facial expression 😍 I love the shape as well.
    I’m doing art class in school and I really enjoy it. I actually just finished a project 5 minutes ago.😂
    We haven’t gone on to art history (probably won’t for a couple of years) but you could search up the certain style your interested in and find some artists. Some not so famous artists can actually be amazing.
    Instagram art accounts are amazing as well because they feature lots of people’s art. 💕

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