My Drug or My Medicine 

My Drug or My Medicine 

The one I shouldn’t take.
I know it’s wrong but it feels so right.
I get locked in when you’re there.
I can’t recover,
I’m addicted.
You make me high
But the low always follows.
And you know I’ll come back for more.
For the lips that drive me crazy.
For the hands I want to hold me.
For the mind that pulls me in.
You make me weaker.

Or the one I should take.
The one that’s right and never wrong
My antidepressant in the storm
My comfort zone
My safety net
The one who could make me better
The one who will always be there for me
To hold me
To protect me
To catch me when I fall.
You make me stronger.

But what if it all goes wrong?
The drug could kill me.
The medicine could not work.
If the drug kills me,
no medicine can cure me.
If the medicine fails,
I’ll go back to my drug.
My ecstasy
The one that will kill me.

It’s not as bad as it seems.


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