Mental Health – Addiction 


Addiction is defined as not having control over doing, taking or using something to the point where is could be harmful to you.

What might a person with a addiction experience?

A person with a drug addiction may feel dependent on whatever they are addicted to. They may feel that it helps them to escape things in their lives or maybe they just tried it once for fun and they depend on it to feel happy and alive. Although it makes them feel that way that’s the reason it’s extremely dangerous. Some people may be peer pressured to use drugs and feel the need to keep using them. 

What type of addictions are there?

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs (cannabis, hallucinogens, heroin, Marijuana, etc)
  • Prescription drugs (painkillers, etc)
  • Self harm 

Alcohol is pretty self explanatory. It can be so dangerous though as it can cause liver damage/alcohol poisoning. That’s not the only reason it’s fatal though. When you’re drunk it affects how you think so you may do things that out your life at risk.

Drugs like cannabis and heroin etc. also have serious implications. They really aren’t worth it for a 10 minute high. The ultimate price is death but it can cause serious things within your body. There’s so many to list as it can affect so many major organs that there’s just no point.

Prescription drugs are quite a hard one to control because they are an essential things to provide to people with health problems but if you get to addicted it can be very serious. Overdosing is one fatal factor I can think of. 

Lastly, self harm (you all know that self harm is a big topic for me so I try to include it where necessary). Self harm is an addiction because it releases good things to the brain. Kind of like what chocolate does. It’s dangerous because you are physically damaging your body and it can result in several burns or blood loss etc.

How to help someone with a addiction?

Addiction is quite a different one when it comes to helping. Whereas mental health affects the mind, drugs/alcohol etc. affect the mind and body so you have to train your body to deal with it and that’s where withdrawal comes in. Some people can do it without going to a specialised or rehab but for most it is a necessary steps. If you want time help someone you know personally then just keep encouraging them to make the decision to stop and when they do help them get in contact with someone. 

If you need more information then the website DrugRehab is full of brilliant information about different types of additions and ways to recover from it. Wherever you live you can access this information but it is an American website so if you live there then you can also call their helpline. 

Thank you for reading. Hope this helped some of you.

– Willow ♡ 

*Disclaimer: Some of the things written are from my own knowledge but I am not a professional. Most of this information has been taken from the sight DrugRehab*

*Disclaimer: Everything written is from my own knowledge apart from the definition. I am not a professional. Nothing is intended to offend anyone. This is just to raise awareness.*


3 thoughts on “Mental Health – Addiction 

  1. Yeah, addiction is one of people’ problems and it’s quite difficult to help a person who has an addiction. Using drugs, alcohol… etc. can be very problematic in somebody’s future. Clever and interesting post!


  2. Addiction is a massive problem! Ahh u also toubched on self harm which is an incredibly relevant topic but so complicated and often so misunderstood. Escpecially by parents, maybe do a specific post on that as well.
    Great post!
    DaisyChainDreaming xx


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