Exams – Tips to fail!

Hey there!

I assure you I am not giving you tips to fail… technically. I’m gonna give you a list (omg it’s been so long since I’ve done a list) on things not to do in an exam or revising for an exam. I had my first GCSE exam on Tuesday which was Welsh because I live in Wales and if anyone else here did that exam can we just agree that the picture question was bullshit? Everyone else of course doesn’t have a clue about what I just said. Anyway!!!

  1. Do not attempt to cheat. If you get caught you get a fail on all your other exams. Don’t do it. Simple. 
  2. Don’t try to talk to your friend. You’ll get a fail on your exams and your friends exams. The daily gossip can wait. I know it’s hard my friends.
  3. Don’t go unprepared. Get all your pens and pencils and all the stuff you need ready the day before. Make sure to get black pens because I did not know you can’t write in blue pens and I took about 5 of them and no black ones. I also recommend getting a clear pencil case since you aren’t allowed normal ones in an exam.
  4. Don’t revise for a long time and do it shitly. That’s right folks I said it. Don’t revise for longer. It’s better to revise for maybe just half an hour or an hour and do it really in depth than do it for like 3 hours and put not much effort into it.
  5. Don’t stay up late revising. It’s not good for your brain. You’ll be tired in the exam and you won’t be able to focus. The best time to revise is in the morning.
  6. Don’t revising in the wrong way. So basically don’t write a pile of notes if that’s not what helps you to revise. If you find it easier to physically do things to revise then do that. If you prefer bullet point to spider diagrams then do that.
  7. Don’t eat junk food before an exam. Your brain can’t function properly. It needs good stuff.
  8. Don’t start revising the night before. If you do this then it’s too late for you. RIP dude.
  9. Don’t panic. If you panic you’ll do worse. So don’t panic about doing it shit because you’ll do it shitter.
  10. Lastly, don’t counter act these points because that is literally taking as a “How to Fail List”

Hope this helped some people. Good luck with exams peeps.

– Willow xx 


5 thoughts on “Exams – Tips to fail!

  1. I have my summer exams in 2-3 weeks. Eeekkkk I’m so scared 😭😭 I’m studying but it feels like I’m never going to be able to revise it all 😭 any tips on how to stay calm while studying Xx

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