Exams – Tips to Succeed!

Hey there!

So like last week I did a post about what not to do in exams and revising so now I am gonna counteract that and write about things you should do.

  1. Take black pens because you ain’t allowed blue ones. I learnt this the hard way.
  2. Take your time through the exam. Don’t just open the paper and how straight in. Look through it. Do the hardest and longest questions first because then if you start to run out of time you can easily write in the answers if they’re short and easy questions. Plus it’s better to lose 1 mark than 8 marks. 
  3. Prepare everything the night before. It will be less of a panic on the morning of the exam plus then you can fit in some extra revision before the exam.
  4. Don’t revise too late because your brain doesn’t take in the information so it pointless. It’s actually been proven that your brain takes in information better in the morning.
  5. Don’t revise for too long because you get agitated and stressed. It’s better to do it in intervals because then you’ll be calmer and take everything in better 
  6. Do revision that works for you not what the teacher tells you because it could be pointless.
  7. Take a break. Everyone deserves one. It keeps you relaxed.
  8. Try not to panic because it can cause your mind to go into overdrive which means you won’t think properly. Remember it’s just an exam.
  9. Enjoy it because one day you’ll be even more stressed with working and paying tax and bills.

    Hope these helped some people. Thanks for reading guys! Good luck in your exams!

    – Willow xx 


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