I wonder what it’s like to be popular. What is it like to be one of  cool girls? Not the mean kind of popular though. 

Here I sit in school, writing this blog post, surrounded by groups of girls talking and laughing and enjoying themselves with their friends. I sit alone because I’m the outcast. But I always wonder what it’s like to have friends. 

I always wonder what it’s like to wear your hair in the perfect way that everyone comments how much they like it.

 I wonder what it’s like to apply your makeup with such precision that there’s not a slight bit out of place and it doesn’t matter how much makeup you wear it’s always perfect. 

I’m curious at how amazing and slim they all look in skirts and tight trousers. 

I wonder what it’s like to have such confidence. How do you talk to anyone you meet? How can you talk to any boy (or girl) you like? 

I wonder how you can wear absolutely anything and look so good in it. How do you go to parties in such skinny dresses and not feel incredibly awkward?

I can never do any of these things. 

My hair falls as soon as I put it up in anyway. 

My makeup never blends right and the colours look awful on me.

When I wear skirts my legs look like tree stumps.

When I talk to people I stumble over my words.

I look huge in any skinny clothing and I am way to awkward and shy to go to a party. Not that I’d get invited.

I wonder what it’s like. 


5 thoughts on “Popular

  1. I really relate to this, but I do also think it’s our differences that make us perfect, or as close to that as we can be. Outcasts should stick together, and be proud of your ‘flaws’❤️❤️

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