What’s it like to feel alive?
How does it feel to breath?

I’m surrounded by water.
Everyone is above me.
I’m stuck below,
Under the water.
Trying to call for help.
But I just keep swallowing water.
More and more water.

I struggle to resurface
But my feet are tied down.
You see me.
You hear my muffled cries.
You swim down
But my chains are too tight.
You go to the surface.
You need the air that I am deprived of
I won’t let you go down with me.
But you no longer try anyway.

I sink to the floor.
I can no longer fight this battle.
The chains are too strong
And my mind is too weak.

The water flows around me.
For once, all is peaceful.
I watch the fish swim happily
As the sun illuminates their scales.
There’s no one above anymore.
Except you.
We share one last glance
As you swim away.

I am alone.
Everyone has gone.
It settle to night.
The stars shine above.
It’s the perfect way to die;
Alone yet calm.
And then suddenly in a flash,
All is lost. 


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