Fuck the World

So right. We got all these famous people in the world (Justin Bieber, Simon Cowell, The Kardashians, etc.) And they are all billionaires or close to that and we’ve got all these homeless people, poor people, starving people, children suffering, countries with poor health care, countries who don’t even have water and the celebrities sit around enjoying their fame and buying themselves mansions and cool cars and cool clothes and being full of themselves while these people are left to die. Yes yes yes you can say that celebrities give to charities but that’s nothing. They still care more about themselves and their game and having a massive following. These people don’t have access to food or water or health care and they are dying! They are fucking dying and all these rich people are doing nothing about it! I’d love to be able to help but I can’t. I’m sure there’s loads of people who want to help but can’t because even though we are in a much better condition and these poor people, we still do not have sufficient funds to help them. Celebrities do! Why aren’t they doing something about it?! 

It makes me so annoyed and I have no faith in this godamn world!


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