Hey there!

Long time no see. Last week was a week full of exams and there was no time for writing, drawing, piano or guitar. Just pure revision. I still have 1 exam left tomorrow which is maths and then I am done until next year’s GCSEs. Yay! -_-

So my opinion of makeup. I think makeup is a good and bad thing. 


  • Makes you feel confident
  • It’s an artistic way to express yourself 
  • Makeup before and afters are so satisfying 
  • Makeup tutorials fill your time up 
  • You learn new things and skills


  • It hides natural beauty
  • It actually makes you have more acne because that’s how makeup is designed so you buy more
  • Starting out doesn’t go the way you want it to
  • When the foundation is too orange
  • When there’s amazing colours but they don’t suit you
  • Sunny weather means you melt

    The thing I really hate is that if you wear makeup… you get criticised and if you don’t wear makeup… you get criticised. Like to be honest if you wanna wear full coverage makeup then go for it. If you wanna wear no makeup at all then go for it. If you wanna be somewhere in between then go for it. 

    I rarely ever wear makeup because I’m pretty crap at it if I’m honest but sometimes I feel creative and put a tad on. I watch makeup tutorials and stuff sometimes. I’m not major into it like a lot of people are but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. That’s my choice. I’m not always gonna like what your makeup looks like or what her makeup looks like and there’s always gonna be someone who doesn’t like something about you. That’s their opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Don’t take it personally it’s just what they like or don’t like. If you like it then great. If someone else likes their makeup but not yours then that’s okay too. The wrong thing to do is criticise them because we gotta spread some love in the evil world of ours.

    So yeah that’s that. What do you think about makeup?

    – Willow xx 


    3 thoughts on “Makeup 

    1. I have got similar opinion about make-up to yours! It has got advantages and disadvantages… I do my make-up, but I don’t do it during my weekends or holidays, haha.
      Great post!

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