Currently what my parents are doing; stereotyping.

Here’s the story.

I have medium length hair and I wanna cut it short to my shoulders. My mum says I’d look like a boy and that girls with short hair are gay. She obviously hasn’t accustomed to the 21st century. It’s really p-ing me off cause that’s just totally wrong. 

  • There are plenty of girls with short hair who are “girly”
  • There are plenty of straight girls with short hair
  • There are plenty of homosexual girls with long hair.
  • There are boys with long hair and they aren’t called out for being girly
  • There are homosexual boys who look like.. well boys.
  • There are homosexual girls who look like girls.
  • There are straight girls that are tomboy.
  • There are straight boys who look feminine.
  • There are people who are people!

It’s not just my parents either. It’s society. We have become better adapted to these types of things which is brilliant but the older generations don’t seem to get it. For example, my aunt and uncle think my 9 year old cousin is gonna be gay and they hate it. I’m here praying like “Please be gay so we can torture the family together.” (I’m not gay btw. I just really support it which I think a lot of straight people are afraid to do.) So yeah. My entire family is homophobic. I wish I was gay to torture them but I wasn’t born that way but there’s still hope in a tiny 9 year old.

Anyway. Stereotypes are shit. Like:

  • All girls need to be feminine and pretty and wear makeup and dress fancy
  • All boys should do sport an be muscular and masculine.

How about girls doing sports? How about girls looking “shit” and “boyish” every once in a whole? How about boys wearing makeup? How about boys dressing nice and fancy and putting effort in? Are any of these things really that bad?

Is it really a “free world” or is it just free hate?


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